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  Cowes Radio
Posted by Kelvin Smith on Wed Jul 27, 13:26 [3971-12770]
Is Cowes Radio available this year? It really makes the week complete for my family and I. We have been coming to Cowes Week for 25 years to camp in east cowes. Hearing all of the commentary is really interesting as we watch from our caravan or the green before spending the night at the parade, i can only imagine how useful it is for the teams racing to hear everything in real time as it happens!
  Cowes Radio
Posted by Laurence Mead on Wed Jul 27, 14:07 [3971-12771]
Yes Cowes Radio is operating this year. You can access it on the usual FM channel or via the Cowes Week App which you can download from the App store.

You can watch 3 hours of live TV from 10am each day starting with the MUSTO Morning briefing and then live commentary and pictures from the starts all online and on the App.
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