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  Small boat moorings
Posted by Richard Ottaway on Tue Jul 26, 17:26 [3969-12763]
What is the penalty for infringement of Appendix B rule B7
  Small boat moorings
Posted by Laurence Mead on Wed Jul 27, 12:04 [3969-12767]
Hi Richard,

Entering the small boat moorings is an offence that is only subject to protest initiated by the race committee. We have a RIB in the area patrolling during most of the start period and the ends are marked with blue buoys.

For a minor and one-off infringement I suspect the race committee would give a warning, but for a blatant or repeated infringement it can be as severe as disqualification.

We take the sanctity of the moorings very seriously. Boats racing inside the moorings are a danger to people trying to rig, or to launches dropping crews off, and we would take that into account when lodging a protest for the jury to consider.

Does that clarify ?

Best regards,

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