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  Race schedule
Posted by Jane Cheverton on Fri Jul 22, 16:49 [3959-12738]
Where can I find a Cowes Week race schedule please? Nowhere to be found on the internet as far as I can make out, only info for competitors and shore events! In ye olde days people actually came to Cowes to watch the racing!! From an Islander.
  Race schedule
Posted by Andrew Rayner on Sat Jul 23, 20:29 [3959-12744]
The schedule of races has just been published. You'll find it as a PDF in Taking Part... Race Documents, or as a web page under Racing & results... Races & courses. Or just click this link:
  Race schedule
Posted by Matt on Tue Jul 26, 14:42 [3959-12761]
Hi, looking at the start times (for example on Saturday), is it the case that all classes listed as starting on the RYS line are doing so on the same line (presumably either line 1 or 2) and at 5 minute intervals?
  Race schedule
Posted by Laurence Mead on Wed Jul 27, 12:09 [3959-12768]
The classes starting on the RYS line will probably all start on the same line but the sailing instructions do give the race officer the freedom to change if he so desires. That is rare but not completely out of the question.

Your course, when it comes via the app will tell you whether it is line one or line 2 but there is a very high level of certainty that you will be the same as the class ahead of you. If the line were different then the Race Officer would have a postponement and announce this clearly and allow time for you to reassess the new line.

In a south-westerly wind, which is the forecast for the first two days, it would be line one.

The starts run on a rolling five minute sequence but there are so-called firebreaks built-in every fourth or fifth start to give the line chance to clear. If you scroll down the list of starts in the printed sailing instructions (which you can get from registration) this is much more clearly shown.

Please give me a call if that does not answer your questions.

Best regards

Laurence Mead
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