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  Ladies Day?
Posted by Miss Alex Pickles. on Tue Jul 19, 16:56 [3958-12731]
Is there going to be a Ladies Day on the Tuesday? A long standing tradition? Its just a question not a feminist accusation. Its just been a standing tradition and something I've always enjoyed.
I hope there is? Celebrating women in this sport is important.
  Ladies Day?
Posted by Laurence Mead on Tue Jul 19, 17:01 [3958-12732]
There is indeed! Women's Day will be Tuesday 2nd August and we are being joined by the Magenta Project this year to maximise the work we can do together in this area.

Later that evening we will have a prizegiving in the Royal Ocean Racing Club for the prize winners, along with short Q&A with some top women in the sport, including, we hope, the worlds most successful women's Olympian sailor, Hannah Mills.
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