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  Provisional Class Splits
Posted by Laurence Mead on Tue Jul 19, 13:30 [3957-12730]
Based on entries to date, the planned splits for IRC and Performance Cruiser are as below.

Note that we have also added a split in the Club Cruiser Division this year to facilitate the best racing possible. This means we will run two starts for the Club Cruisers rather than one.

We will have eight IRC classes:

IRC 0 - 1.190 and above

IRC 1 - 1.070 to 1.189
(except that all First 40's will race in IRC 2)

IRC 2 - 1.030 to 1.069

IRC 3 - 1.000 to 1.029
(except that all Cork 1720 will race in IRC4)

IRC 4 - All J97, J92, J92s, J80 and Cork 1720's

IRC 5 - 0.920 to 0.999
(except that all J97, J92, J92s and J80 will race in IRC4)

IRC 6 - 0.880 to 0.919

IRC 7 - 0.879 and below

We will have two Performance Cruiser classes:

Performance Cruiser A - 1.030 and above

Performance Cruiser B - 1.029 and below

We also plan to have two Club Cruiser classes (instead of one):

Club Cruiser Blue - 0.970 and above

Club Cruiser White 0.969 and below


As last year, one class (IRC Class 4) is made up of J97, J92, J92s, J80 and Cork 1720. These boats will be exempt from the Black Group safety requirements.

Extracted class and Overall results will be provided where there are enough boats to make this practical (example Sigma 33)

Whilst the range of ratings shown for Class 1 is wide, the boats actually entered are in a much tighter range.
  Provisional Class Splits
Posted by Lis Robinson on Thu Jul 21, 09:53 [3957-12734]
Looks sensible to us from our personal view point on Hot Rats given boat size and rating with thanks
  Provisional Class Splits
Posted by Laurence Mead on Thu Jul 21, 10:05 [3957-12735]
Sportsboats will race in IRC 4 with all the other sprit boats.

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