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  NoR 12.52
Posted by kevin taylor on Mon Jul 18, 08:39 [3955-12725]
Please explain the requirement my boat Jump 2 it is in IRC endorsed rating of 1.016 sail No GBR 1599R, Also noted my entry has wrong name (Neil Stratford) who`s a member of my crew but not on this event, how to change ?
  NoR 12.52
Posted by Laurence Mead on Mon Jul 18, 13:54 [3955-12728]
Hi Kevin,

Kate Palfrey who runs the entries system will update your details and you should see that change today.

12.5.2 requires you to have your class number visible to the race committee. We will advise the classes by rating later this week but I think you will be in Class 3. You can buy class numerals from the regatta office.

These need to be affixed to the lifelines in the forward area so that the race team know which class you are in as you finish or if we shorten courses it's a very useful aide for the race team.

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