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  IRC classes
Posted by Bob baker on Sun Jul 17, 10:11 [3954-12724]
Hi Laurence,
When would you expect to have a list of IRC classes please? Thanks bob baker
  IRC classes
Posted by Andy McCormack on Mon Jul 18, 12:47 [3954-12726]
Hi Bob, are you expecting to be in IRC5? Or the extra class with the J/92s etc? It looks like IRC5 will be quite small without J Boats.
Andy McCormack (X-99)
  IRC classes
Posted by Laurence Mead on Mon Jul 18, 12:52 [3954-12727]
Hi Both,

We are doing a class splits plan today and I will put it online ASAP.
The plan is J sprit boats and sportsboats in IRC 4 (as last year) with the other bands chosen to get good entry numbers in each of the IRC classes.
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