The Ginery - Official Gin Sponsor

An exciting new range of Gins has quietly sailed into the market from the Ginery. But who and what is The Ginery? Well, it is an amalgamation of numbers, over a Million dots and 6 distillations. Confused? Let's smooth that out for you...

The Ginery is an exciting new British team of Artists and Artisan Gin makers headed by British Artist Bob Mayston and Master Distiller Rob Murray. In short, it's art and gin combined. Bob, creates the Pen & Ink designs by producing over a million tiny dots that takes weeks to turn into the master label, Rob is what you might call a historic distiller using distilling methods that date back as far as 1651. All Gins are vapor infused and distilled an incredible six times to make them possibly the smoothest Gin in the world? And according to the renowned Master of Malt 'History certainly tastes brilliant'.

The range of Gin is as unique in colour as in art and Distilling. True Blue Mediterranean Gin, Exotic Golden Gin, Passionate Pink Gin, and a Navy Gin called Bosun. The Ginery is the embodiment of modern Gin makers, Gin with real stories, made by individual talents that blend perfectly to make amazing and sublimely smooth Gins.

The Ginery - 'Art meets Artisan'.