The Scaramouche Sailing Trust - Official Charity

The Scaramouche Sailing Trust is a programme that kick started at Greig City Academy in 2014 by Jon Holt, Head of Outdoor Education. It started with driving students from North London to Poole for sailing weekends and has grown to become a comprehensive programme with a fleet of boats ranging from a Topper dinghy to a 45ft racing yacht Scaramouche, the boat the are most famous for.

The students are the sailors as well as the shore crew, restoring the boats, training and getting in the sea miles, learning how to race and stay safe on the water. In 2017 they were the first comprehensive state school to complete the Rolex Fastnet Race, two years later they completed the race again, becoming the first to do back-to-back campaigns.

Today our priorities are:

Keep building our sailing programme with Greig City Academy.

We will provide opportunities for more students from all backgrounds, at all levels from dinghy sailing to cruising and offshore racing, including major regattas like Cork Week and Cowes Week. We will develop our girls programme further.

Establish the Scaramouche Sailing Trust as an effective, independent charity.

We will put in place the foundations needed to take our work to the next level, ensuring it is professional, safe and inspiring. We will raise funds from a variety of sources and set up as a lean, efficient organisation. We will stay true to our ethos: inclusive, committed and practical.

Pilot ways of working with other state schools across the country.

We will identify ways of scaling up our work that: encourage participation, build on our experience and are practical for schools. We will trial and learn from them, with the aim of developing an ambitious strategy for the next three years.

In 2019 the programme became a registered charity. It is safe to say it would not be where it is today and achieved what it has without the support of people they have met within the marine industry and those prepared to give their time, goods in kind and monetary donations. However, more donations are needed to continue our work of transforming lives through the sailing and the opportunities it brings. All our work depends on the generosity of supporters. Please consider giving £5 a month - it would make a massive difference.

We are currently recruiting a small group of Founder Donors who give at a higher level. They play a crucial part in our journey as we take Scaramouche Sailing Trust to the next level.

Follow our story on your chosen social media channel using @ScaracmoucheST or visit our website where you can make a donation.