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  Start lines given on the App
Posted by michael ewart-smith on Thu Jul 29, 11:05 [3905-12645]
The SIs suggest that on days when a class is on the RYS Line there are in fact a choice of 3 different RYS lines. The APP however is very specific and says that all Classes on the RYS Line for that day will actually be on RYS Line 1 - i.e. the outer line.
Is that the intention, if so why not delete all reference to RYS Lines 2 & 3 from the SIs
  Start lines given on the App
Posted by Laurence Mead on Thu Jul 29, 11:29 [3905-12646]
The default start line is RYS line 1. It works well in a lot of breeze directions and has the advantage of the transit lights which do making life much easier for the competitors.

The outer start line is an option for bigger boats in stronger winds and line 2 is sometimes a better option in a northerly breeze to make starting to leeward (but bow forward) an attractive option.

The course sent over the app will always include the start line to be used but we thought it was better to go with the standard plan on the App, and report exceptions, rather than leave it completely open.

I hope that clarifies.

Best regards,

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