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  Start area on Saturday
Posted by Neil Gorton on Tue Jul 27, 17:05 [3898-12632]

What area will "Committee Boat 1" be in on Saturday for the start?


  Start area on Saturday
Posted by Laurence Mead on Wed Jul 28, 19:43 [3898-12640]
HI Neil

Committee but 1 will be sent to the most appropriate area to deliver the best racing each day. To be honest, on a lot of occasions it will probably be somewhere around mark 30 (just west of the bramble bank) as it always was, but renaming it committee boat one gives us maximum flexibility to send it elsewhere if that would be more suitable.

Boats starting on that line will be given plenty of time to get to the location chosen. That will come through the app.

We will make an announcement about Saturday’s starting location as soon as possible
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