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  IRC 3
Posted by dirk on Tue Jul 27, 11:16 [3895-12621]
Hi Laurence,

Could you confirm how many starts are planned for IRC 3 on Mon 2nd? Table on P17 for CB3 suggests multiple starts but Table 6 (P14) does not have a * after the IRC3 start time. It looks as if the plans for CB3 have moved on from NoR 8.1 and now include more classes. Would hate to go home too early!
  IRC 3
Posted by Laurence Mead on Tue Jul 27, 12:18 [3895-12626]
Hi Dirk,

This will be corrected in Amendment Number 1 which will come out today. The asterisk is missing !!! Sorry

In summary IRC 3 will have two windward leeward races around laid marks (as per page 9 of the SIs) on Monday 2nd, starting at 12 noon on Committee Boat 3, the location of which will be advised on the App earlier that morning. The 2nd race will start as soon as possible after the first race ends.

For the scoring of the week as a whole these two races will be averaged to get a "day score' across the fleet and it will count as one score.

Best regards,

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