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  Newcomers Briefing
Posted by Simon on Mon Jul 26, 20:34 [3893-12617]
Hi Lawrence,
Please can the Newcomers Briefing at 18.00 be screened on Cowes TV/ You Tube Channel for those who can't make it?
  Newcomers Briefing
Posted by Laurence Mead on Mon Jul 26, 20:51 [3893-12618]
Yes we will post a Skippers Briefing on the website later this week (before the skippers briefing) which will be a review of the Sailing Instructions, including the amendments.

I will then make sure we update that with any specific questions and answers which come up at the Skippers Briefing.

If you have any questions at any stage, or anything you would like me to address in the video, please email


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