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  Class Rating Splits
Posted by Laurence Mead on Wed Jul 21, 12:46 [3884-12594]
Based on entries to date (and they are still coming in fast - 16 yesterday alone!) the provisional class splits for IRC and cruiser classes is as below. We now have 122 IRC entries so a good fleet building. Including the IRC boats which race as one-designs at Cowes Week, it's heading towards 200 IRC rated boats. A great fleet!

Any questions or comments please let us know using this forum.

Best regards,

CW Team

Cowes Week ; 2021 Class Splits PROVISIONAL

IRC 0 1.195 and above

IRC 1 1.084 to 1.194

IRC 2 1.044 to 1.083

IRC 3 0.993 to 1.043

IRC 4 All J97, J92 and J92s

IRC 5 0.910 to 0.992 and all Sigma 33

IRC 6 0.846 to 0.909

IRC 7 0.845 and below

Performance Cruiser A 1.070 and above

Performance Cruiser B 1.015 to 1.069

Performance Cruiser C 1.014 and below


As last year, one class (IRC Class 4 this year) is made up of J92 and J97's)

The Sigma 33 boats will ALL race in Class 5, irrespective of rating.

We will extract results for the Sigma 33 and Sonata classes, as well as provide daily and overall prizes for both classes.
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