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  CO 32 racing
Posted by Eldred Himsworth on Wed Jul 14, 16:46 [3880-12574]
I understand the Contessas are having 7 races but you have one every day except Thursday when the start times seem to suggest more than one off Committee Boat Line 3.
  CO 32 racing
Posted by Laurence Mead on Mon Jul 19, 13:10 [3880-12582]
The CO32 class does indeed have 7 days of racing but 8 races...!

The class will be a Featured Class of the Day on Thursday 5 August which is two Windward leeward races off a committee boat. Those two races are scored as one result for the day by averaging out the two races to find a winner / 2nd etc.

This is a new thing at CW that we are trialing and hope it will be fun for the classes selected this year. Let us know post event if you enjoyed it!
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