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Posted by Phil on Tue Jul 13, 17:01 [3879-12573]
A separate class for the Sonatas was talked about at one time, is this now likely? It looks as if the RS Elite class are not coming this year as it is too soon after their National Championship so there would seem to be space for the Sonatas to have their own start.
Posted by Tim Octon on Tue Jul 20, 15:21 [3879-12587]
When can we expect the IRC splits?
Posted by Laurence Mead on Wed Jul 21, 17:41 [3879-12596]
Tim, Class splits are up.

Paul, We have left the Sonatas in IRC but you start in a class of ten (currently ten but with entries still open), 8 of which are Sonata's so it's almost like a class start. We will extract class results for Sonata's and give daily and overall prizes as well.
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