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Posted by Graham Clay on Tue Jul 06, 21:15 [3875-12565]
Are the fireworks on the final night going ahead? I've seen conflicting reports online.
Posted by Michael on Mon Jul 19, 13:01 [3875-12578]
Any updates on that?
Posted by Laurence Mead on Mon Jul 19, 13:07 [3875-12581]
Sorry for the delay in replying!

I am afraid there are no fireworks and no Red Arrows this year. No money for fireworks and the Red Arrows are fully booked. Hopefully both will be back in 2022 but we will have to see how the world looks at that time.

There is live music on the Parade and in the Yacht Haven each evening but much smaller scale than previously. No main stages per se'. Smaller but should still be fun and both end earlier than in the recent past.

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