11:24 Saturday 17 Aug 2019 CWL/Sue PellingRedwing Quail takes overall Cowes Week win

Ed Peel's Redwing Quail takes the overall Cowes Week win CWL/Paul Wyeth

James Wilson and Ed Peel’s Redwing Quail posted a perfect scoreline to win not only the class, and White Group overall but the overall win of Cowes Week.

Commenting on his win Peel said: “It is absolutely fantastic. We’ve never won it before so we are all delighted. James [Peel’s brother in law] helmed brilliantly earlier in the week, but with his work commitments, I had the pressure maintaining our lead. We also had young Thomas Wilson on board, who is just 14. Interestingly, the only consistent member of the crew, who raced every day, was Alex Andreae.”

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