17:09 Wednesday 14 Aug 2019 Close racing in the Seaview Mermaid fleet CWL/Sue PellingWinners' quotes of the day

CWL/Paul Wyeth

Quotes from a selection of winners from today’s racing

Simon Hamilton, Investec, Sunsail Match F40

“We were two seconds in front of the second boat at the finish, which was my brother and he was leading the whole way round

“In the last 300 yards to the finish, we both hoisted our spinnakers and the wind dropped off. We had a little bit of a gust so caught up right behind them, and then they hit a bit of traffic. They had to make the decision to go above or below. Going above meant they would be close to shore where there were some rocks, so they decided to go below.

“We however, decided to go above and just hope there was enough water. Thankfully we caught a bit of a gust closer to shore. It was a bit of a risk with just about half a meter under the keel, but we got a little puff and we just rolled on top of them. Very happy it was a family 1,2.”

Hugo Mills, Sheen, Mermaid

“We were pleased today because although we won overall last year, this was our first win of the week so far. Although it was quite shifty, it was the tides, which were a big factor for us today. We were leading but in the tide, overshot the final mark so lost out a bit there. Thankfully we had a reasonable lead on the second boat so it wasn’t too concerning.”

James Wilson, Quail, Redwing

“We won the start, but the north end of the fleet got to the bank first and benefited from the tidal relief. We rounded the first mark 9th. Good navigation work and buoy spotting on the following upwind leg meant we rounded the next mark in the lead and were able to extend that lead to the finish.”



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