18:27 Monday 12 Aug 2019 CWL/Sue PellingWinners' quotes of the day

CWL/Paul Wyeth

A selection of quotes from the winners of today’s racing

Cam Stewart, More T’ Vicar, RS Elite

“We are extremely pleased with our top result today. We had a good race and basically led from start to finish. It was variable out there starting off with 18kts before it dropped away but we but with some good crew work we were able to change gears in the tactical conditions and keep on top of everything.”

Lucinda Mclean, Spider Pig, Sportsboat

“It was exceptionally close today with just five seconds on corrected time in the end, so we had to work hard, and focus. Today was all about making the least mistakes so in the changeable conditions, it was important to keep eyes out the boat and watch out for wind shifts and tide.”

Giles Peckham, Dauntless, Daring

“It wasn’t easy today because it was so changeable out there. A right-hand shift and brisk wind off the line changed our approach to the start line and some were caught out.

“We managed to get a ‘front row’ seat then it was a case of working through the changeable conditions. The wind then dropped and shifted to the left and it became more about boats peed and less tactical, so the crew took over and we slotted into the lead.

“Having lost two races this week, there is no discard now which means everything counts. Playing safe is the name of the game from here on.”



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