16:14 Sunday 11 Aug 2019 CWL/Sue PellingWinners' quotes

CWL/Paul Wyeth

A selection of quotes from today's winners

Mark Rijkse – IRC Class 0, 42 South

“It was very choppy upwind, and tricky to steer. We’ve not had the boat out in big winds this year so it took a while to settle down. She is a slim boat so ultimately we found the groove upwind and we did well there and benefitted from the favourable tide upwind. She is also fast downwind so, with some good trimming onboard and some good tactical calls downwind, it all helped us take the first win of the week.”

Bertie Bicket – IRC Class 1, Fargo

“It was pretty typical wind against tide sailing out there today, lumpy with 25-28kts of wind and very reminiscent of the last day of Cowes Week last year. It was extremely tricky and today was all about just keeping it together and getting round the course.”

Ben Field – IRC Class 2, Yes!

“Today was a day of trying to keep it simple and get round the course safely. We basically refrained from taking any risks. There was no one manoeuvre that pulled us ahead today, we just continued to chip away bit by bit and, with some good communication onboard – something we have been working on recently – it seemed to pay off. It was also a good, tough day for the trimmers but they did a great job. Focusing on staying in the best tide in the choppy wind against tide conditions was also important today.”

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