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Posted by Laurence Mead on Mon Aug 05, 10:21 [3807-12457]
Dear Cowes Week 2019 competitors,

After posting the draft splits online on Friday we received lots of very useful comments on the forum. I don’t propose to publish all of those messages but there were a number of clear themes which we have picked up on.

The two most obvious are that Class Zero now includes the Fast 40's, which, although it leaves Class One a little light on numbers does mean that the boats within the two classes are more evenly matched in terms of design style.

The biggest challenge however came at the bottom of Class Four and the top of Class Five. In the end we’ve made class four a bit smaller by raising the bottom end of it, which left us with a big Class Five that we have split into two divisions. Division 5A and Division 5B. This has enabled us to keep all of the higher rating and ;lighter displacement J Boats together in 5B in what will hopefully be a fun class.

For the avoidance of doubt note that all class five boats start together, race the same course and are subject to the same sailing instructions on the day. Shorten courses etc apply to both 5A and 5B but we will score them entirely separately and give prizes for both. Ideally we would have called them Class 5 and Class 6 but it was too complicated with the SI's at this stage. Maybe next year.

It also means that five out of the seven classes have very small rating differentials from top to bottom with no more than three or four minutes per hour between the fastest and the slowest. For 75% of the fleet that number is halved again in class 2, 3, 4, 5A and 5B. This should be some of the closest rating bands on the Solent this year.

Within the Cruiser Division we have taken the opportunity to keep Division D focused around the smaller boats, which although leading to a small class numerically should deliver really great racing. Last year the variance from top to bottom was so big that racing was often much too far apart. Again however, this year, 75% of the cruiser fleet has a rating differential of no more than three minutes per hour from top to bottom.

Thanks to everybody who expressed an opinion and if we weren’t able to quite do exactly what you wanted we did take into account all of the feedback and have hopefully come up with the best solution all round.

Final Class Splits
Cowes Week 2019

Class 0 1.400 to 1.200

Class 1 1.199 to 1.130

Class 2 1.129 to 1.082

Class 3 1.081 to 1.060 (except J122 which will race in Class 2)

Class 4 1.059 to 1.028

Class 5 1.027 to 0.953

Class 6 0.952 to 0.883

Class 7 0.882 and below.

NB ; For results purposes Class 5 will be split into two divisions, 5A and 5B with the split at 0.980. All sailing instructions remain the same however so 5A and 5B will start together and sail the same course (and all race signals (postponements, shorten course etc.)) will apply to both.

Cruiser Div A 1.150 to 1.047

Cruiser Div B 1.046 to 1.001

Cruiser Div C 1.000 to 0.941

Cruiser Div D 0.940 and below

The website is being updated now with competitors listed by class and should be online by noon.

I'll send a final Regatta Update tomorrow.

Best regards,

Laurence Mead
Regatta Director
Cowes Week Limited
Tel + 44 7540 600 688
Skype "Laurencemead"
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2019 regatta ; 10th to 17th August.
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