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  Cruiser class
Posted by David McDonald on Thu Aug 01, 18:45 [3803-12443]
Hi Lawrence
You stated that you wanted to enforce the "no racing boats" in the class yet having looked at the entries it would seem s few have slipped in for example a J100 and Mumm 36. I don't think these designs were ever intended to cruise!- there are probably more.....
  Cruiser class
Posted by Laurence Mead on Fri Aug 02, 18:15 [3803-12446]
Hi David,

This has been a massive topic of debate for the last three weeks in the office. As entries have come in for the cruiser Division we have tried to make assessments about where they fit best in the regatta. There are a number of boats which don’t really fit in either IRC or Cruiser Division to be honest. Some modern cruisers are very well built with modern hi spec materials and nice sails but have bow thrusters and teak decks. We do want them to be able to race within the week so we’ve been trying to find the most equitable solution.

We debated this at sailing committee over the winter and we got close to insisting that nobody had plastic sails in the cruiser division but then modern plastic sails are made for cruising boats as well, just without the carbon. How do we police the cruiser division if we are going to start analysing the quality or age of the sails being used?

I still don’t think we’ve come up with a wholly satisfactory answer but I do think that the extra division this year (the fleet is split into four instead of three as per last year) will keep more similarly sized boats close together. In addition I am working with several owners for them to move over to the GRP classics class because that should group together other similar design shapes.

We believe that splitting the cruisers effectively into five (if you include GRP classics) will group more similar boats together but it is still a work in progress.

The other thing I would like to think about the next year is a variable handicapping system so that the top three boats and the bottom three boats in each race see their handicaps go up and down respectively, with the middle of the fleet staying the same. By the end of the week this system should see the results tightening up dramatically and I believe would make the racing progressively closer and more fun for all.


  Cruiser class
Posted by Richard on Tue Aug 06, 23:38 [3803-12477]
Out of interest, why combine the starts of the two largest "Cruiser" divisions (B 21 entries and C 28 entries) while division A with just 13 entries and D (plus GRP classics) with 14 entries have separate starts?
  Cruiser class
Posted by Andrew Rayner on Tue Aug 06, 23:41 [3803-12478]
Now that we have close to final entry numbers, I think that's likely to change.
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