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  Bramble Start Line
Posted by Jock Wishart on Mon Jul 29, 22:06 [3799-12423]
During Cowes Week 2018 I alerted you to the fact that the Bramble Line was no longer safe for the deeper draft boats, on certain states of the tide, as the Bank had moved westwards.

Your reply was to the effect that you would not be using that line in 2019!

I suspect necessity demands use but has anyone checked the depths now and is Cowes Week prepared to move this line if need be??

Essentially in public domain so action one way or another needs taken!

Been a bit busy with my Rowing Records

So only picked this issue up last week.
Yours aye
Jock Wishart

  Bramble Start Line
Posted by Laurence Mead on Tue Jul 30, 09:32 [3799-12424]
Hi Jock,

Thanks for your mail.

The SI's this year are less prescriptive about the location of the Bramble Line (it says it will be near mark 30 (RORC)) to allow us to move more to the East if needs be (SE Sea breeze) and / or if we have depth issues. We are trying to make sure that the Bramble Line moves around the bank as necessary but if course the Thorn Channel is an impediment!

I'll alert the RO to this message as well.


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