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  IRC class
Posted by David Greenhalgh on Mon Jul 29, 09:01 [3796-12416]
Where do I find the rating breaks for the IRC classes?
  IRC class
Posted by Laurence Mead on Mon Jul 29, 13:37 [3796-12420]
Hi David

It's not yet up. I will do the initial draft of it on Saturday this week (3rd) and send to all competitors for input.

Last years numbers were

IRC Class 0 1.190 and above

IRC Class 1 1.117 1.189

IRC Class 2 1.080 1.116

IRC Class 3 1.048 1.079

IRC Class 4 1.001 1.047

IRC Class 5 0.965 1.000

IRC Class 6 0.914 0.964

IRC Class 7 0.913 and below

Cruiser A 1.017 and above

Cruiser B 0.980 1.016

Cruiser C 0.979 and below

I expect it to be similar this year but we may have 4 cruisers classes if numbers warrant.

Best regards,

  IRC class
Posted by Olly Love on Mon Jul 29, 15:00 [3796-12421]
Hi Laurence,

I know the ratings will be out soon but can i suggest that you include our SJ320 and the J92 Jackdaw into class 5 otherwise it makes a big initial split in class 6 of 20 points rather than lowering the class 5 band by 6 points
  IRC class
Posted by Laurence Mead on Tue Jul 30, 09:39 [3796-12426]
Hi Ollie,

Noted your suggestion and will incorporate into the thinking on Saturday night when we do the splits.


  IRC class
Posted by Andy on Tue Jul 30, 13:59 [3796-12429]
Makes sense but they would also need to lower the split for 6/7 otherwise class 7 would have 23 boats and class 6 would have only 11.
Is the idea to have roughly equal boats in each class?
We all have boats that we want to avoid (Whooper!) and most of us want to be near the top of the rating band in our class. So good luck !
  IRC class
Posted by Laurence Mead on Tue Jul 30, 14:33 [3796-12430]
HI Andy

Yes we try to get roughly the same number of boats in each fleet and we try to use any obvious big gaps in ratings as jump points from one class to another. The tighter the band the better the racing.

I can't see a scenario where we would have 23 boats in one class and 11 in the one above (or below) but it's not impossible.

Yes most people want to be the biggest in their class....I'm afraid that's a bit out of my hands!!!

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