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Posted by Graham Stone on Mon Jul 29, 08:42 [3795-12415]
I canít find a copy of the Cowes Week app. Is it available yet and from where? Thanks.
Posted by Laurence Mead on Tue Jul 30, 09:40 [3795-12427]
We have sent it to Apple and they have to verify / approve. As soon as they do it will be online and we will make an announcement. It's a bit later than we had planned and we will get it out earlier next year.


Posted by Tim Octon on Thu Aug 01, 17:01 [3795-12441]
Is there an Android app
Posted by Andrew Rayner on Thu Aug 01, 17:56 [3795-12442]
Yes there is - available in a few days' time to download from Google Play.
Posted by Timothy Octon on Tue Aug 06, 08:29 [3795-12466]
Any news on the Android app I don't see it in the store
Posted by Andrew Rayner on Tue Aug 06, 09:37 [3795-12469]
It's there - just search under "Cowes Week" and you should find it. What you'll also need is you boat's registration code which we'll be sending out laster today and also making available through the "Update Your Entry" section of the website.
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