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  Change of rating
Posted by Lis Robinson on Wed Jul 17, 12:58 [3787-12398]
Hi Lawrence - might have new sail in time for Cowes week requiring new rating. Not being pedantic - just don't want to fall foul of the rules but NOR states 3.6.1 cut off time for IRC certificate issued by Tuesday 6th Aug 17.00 which seems very clear then 3.6.2 overrules that and states, except for circumstances under 3.6.2 a/b/c the cut off time is as per 3.6.3 which is next Tuesday.......

We don't usually end up changing rating in the year but, as one of the anal folk who read the NORs and SIs, I am pretty sure rating changes have always been allowed up to early in the week before. There is no point in clause 3.6.1 given the wording of the subsequent two clauses hence my request for clarification with apologies and thanks .
  Change of rating
Posted by Laurence Mead on Wed Jul 17, 20:04 [3787-12399]
1700 hours Tuesday 6th August!
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