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  Number of Committee boat starts
Posted by Ed Mockridge on Wed Jul 10, 09:14 [3778-12372]
Hi, looking at the SIs, I can't help but notice that the number of committee boat starts scheduled for the fleets seems uneven.
For example, as written IRC 4 (our likely home...) have only one CB start on the Tuesday, where every other IRC class has 2, all Cruiser classes have 2, and HP30, Contessa 32, 1/4 ton class, Sunsail, GRP classics and doublehanded get 3.

Can IRC 4 have another CB start please?
  Number of Committee boat starts
Posted by Laurence Mead on Wed Jul 10, 13:36 [3778-12377]
Hi Ed,

I've just posted a reply to another question on a similar subject which might form part of this picture.

However, in answer to your query, we try to make it pretty even across the fleets as to how many Committee boat starts each gets but it's bit more complex than that because in fact a lot of the Black Group boats end up starting from the Bramble Start Line (in effect a committee boat) when they are listed as "R/B" (RYS line or Bramble Line). We can really only send the smaller white group boats to the Bramble start line if conditions are OK for day boats (without engines) to get there.

You perhaps mean can you have more windward / leeward courses? IE Laid marks which are truly upwind.

We are going to change the angle of the Bramble Committee boat more aggressively this year to make the start line more even. We did that last year for a reaching start on one day and it worked well, in effect making the leeward end a bit more positively biased to drag people away from the windward end.

I'll look again at the schedule for this year.



  Number of Committee boat starts
Posted by Ed Mockridge on Wed Jul 10, 14:09 [3778-12384]
Laurence. Thank you for taking the time to reply. WW/LW of course forms part of it. But I was mostly curious as to why IRC4 has only 1 day scheduled to start from the committee boat, when every other black group class, and every other IRC class particularly, has at least 2. It just looked like an oversight, and since it looks our most likely home I thought I would question it....

In answer to your question in the other thread, having some days with multiple races would be a massive draw for us. Currently we are not "every year" competitors at Cowes, but having multiple races on a day would create a much more compelling case for us to return next year instead of skipping a year or two as we have been.
  Number of Committee boat starts
Posted by Ed Mockridge on Tue Jul 23, 09:15 [3778-12405]
Hi Laurence.

Was there any outcome to you looking again at the schedule of starts with reference to IRC 4 only having 1 CB start when every other IRC class has 2.

  Number of Committee boat starts
Posted by Laurence Mead on Thu Jul 25, 12:52 [3778-12409]
Hi Ed,

I haven't made any changes yet, partly because I try to consolidate any amendments into one document closer to the time and partly because I haven't come to a conclusion about it's viability yet! The Committee boat starts are not windward leeward races per se' (they are round the can's not roiund laid marks) so while we will try to get them more W/L biased they aren't classic W/L courses.

For next year I will probably bring in a day per class when the class gets two races round proper W/L laid marks. TBC however.

Stand by to stand by!
  Number of Committee boat starts
Posted by James Walton on Tue Jul 30, 20:43 [3778-12437]
Please donít pander to the windward/leeward preference. This is Cowes Week and we should use our immense natural resources for racing, not some sanitised bland course that could be set up anywhere. Courses have already got safer due presumably to predictive software, so the mark rounding of old (50 boats in two classes going the opposite way around the same mark at the same time) are sadly too infrequent. Look at Formula 1 - safer, and a lot blander.... Letís beat up the Green with Class One, round the same marks as the Squibs but in the opposite direction, and finish on the RYS line against the tide!!
  Number of Committee boat starts
Posted by Laurence Mead on Fri Aug 02, 18:27 [3778-12448]
Hi James.

Iím sorry for the delay in replying. I read your message and had a good chuckle but then it got lost in my system. I laughed not because I donít agree with you but only because opinions vary so massively on this subject.

For the sake of clarity I definitely see Cowes Week in a traditional way and all of the aspects of it that you refer to should be a big part of the regatta week. Last year we did manage to get quite a few fleets beating up the Green (including all the big boats for the first time in quite a few years) and I have it in my mind that if at all possible we might try to get everybody finishing on the Squadron line together. Itís a recorders nightmare of course but I remember doing it in the past as a competitor and great memories are a big part of what we try to deliver.

That said we currently have to send some boats off to committee boat starts just because of the number of starts we now have. If we didnít the starting sequence would be three or four hours and w'd never get any racing actually done. I do have a plan to bring more starts back to the Squadron start line and Iím working on that for the future.

There is some discussion that next year we might also give classes one day on a committee boat doing a W/L course so that they could perhaps have two races that day to increase the number of races we do over the week. If that were to come to pass it would only be one day in the week with the balance very definitely classic Cowes Week orienteering.

In closing much as clearly 50 boats going round the same mark in opposite directions is a positive memory for you itís less so for others and a health and safety nightmare for us as organisers. Iím afraid we definitely need to try to avoid that!!!!!!!

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  Number of Committee boat starts
Posted by James Walton on Mon Aug 05, 16:16 [3778-12461]
Well done, thanks for your response, and good to hear how much stuff is under review in the background all of the time. Keep up the hard work, and let's hope the forecast for Saturday doesn't materialise!
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