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Posted by Jeremy Warren on Wed Jun 26, 16:25 [3767-12348]
Hello Lawrence
I'd like to put some sponsorship logos around the boat. Please can you advise what is acceptable and also what I cannot do.
Many thanks
Jeremy Warren
Posted by Laurence Mead on Wed Jul 10, 12:41 [3767-12373]
Hi Jeremy,

Sorry for the late reply. I was away at the Etchells Worlds, just back.

The rules at CW are that we abide by your class rules such that you can carry sponsorship if they so allow but we ask that you tell us beforehand and we approve those sponsors for taste and commercial reasons. We don't withhold except in exceptional circumstances.

Yours sponsor decals can't be on the forward 20% of the hull.

World Sailing dictates that no more than 5 bloats in a class can be sponsored by the same company unless that company is an event sponsor so that rule also applies.

Page 5, Point 9 of the NOR which is online has the exact wording.

Call / mail if any follow up required.

Best regards,


Laurence Mead

Regatta Director

Cowes Week Limited
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