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  question about flares or LED lights
Posted by steve on Thu Apr 04, 10:24 [3744-12308]
hi, good talk last Friday, I enjoyed it very much.

in the 2018 safety booklet it states:
Each boat shall carry at least two red hand flares or a white LED in a waterproof pack. All flares shall be

please could you confirm what is meant by the White LED? does this lust ned to be waterproof LED torch? or something like MCA approved signing light?
many thanks
  question about flares or LED lights
Posted by Laurence Mead on Thu Apr 04, 13:31 [3744-12309]
Hi Steve,

The idea that LED lights will replace flares is something which is gaining traction and we felt that for inshore waters an LED light (waterproof of course) would be a satisfactory alternative to flares as long as it can be used to attract attention and assist emergency services with locating an incident. We are likely to be a bit more specific this year as to what it needs to be but so far we have not gone as far as mandating an MCA standard item. I am afraid this is a bit of a half-answer but I hope it gives you some steer. We will make further decisions at our next Sailing Committee meeting in May.
  question about flares or LED lights
Posted by Roger Guy on Mon Jul 01, 13:59 [3744-12353]
Any further news?
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