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  Team GB
Posted by Barry Clark on Sat Feb 16, 08:07 [3740-12301]
Dear Laurence, could you or a colleague please advise as to which day Team GB will be attending the 2019 Cowes Week? Will they be sailing in their big yachts? I am a spectator.
  Team GB
Posted by Laurence Mead on Wed Feb 20, 11:08 [3740-12302]
Hi Barry

I think you are referring to Ben Ainslies America's Cup team? They don't have any big boat launched yet so won't be around but we do have the Triple Crown on Monday / Tuesday and Wednesday which will feature the biggest boats racing in the week. We aren't sure yet which owners will be on the start line but we are encouraging as many big boats as we can. We will try (note, try!) to get those boats off the shoreline start at the Castle on 2 of those days if we can.

In addition we have Sail GP racing Saturday and Sunday (10th and 11th) from 3 pm to 5pm right off the Green. 6 of them, 50 foot long, foiling ex America's Cup catamarans which will do 50 knots in a bit of breeze. Should be awesome!! Free to watch from the Green and the plan is for them to race as close to shore as possible. I hope this gives you enough to work with.

Best regards,
Laurence Mead
Regatta Director
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