Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation - Official Charity

The charity was founded in memory of Olympic gold-medallist sailor, Andrew "Bart" Simpson, MBE who died in a tragic training accident in 2013 at the age of 36. Andrew was committed to helping others by providing inspiration and encouragement wherever he could and to working with young people to help them develop and excel.

The Foundation seeks to honour Andrew's legacy by using sailing to improving the lives of young people. Through its charitable activities, the Foundation uses the sailing environment to promote health and wellbeing and to help develop personal skills that can improve a young person's ability to succeed in life and work.

Sailing as a sport and/or recreation may not be accessible to all because of financial, physical, learning disability, mental health or social barriers. One of the key principles of the charity is to work to break down these barriers.

To date the foundation has worked in 9 countries, pledged over £550,000 to 38 inspiring sailing projects and introduced over 8000 young people to the sport.

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